Effective hardhats need not be uncomfortable. The Pyramex Ridgeline cap style hard hat in graphite finish is proof of this, with a 4-position harness points for fine adjustment forward, back and both lateral dimensions. A padded fabric covers a soft polyurethane foam which in turn cushions the neck support which is on a swing hinge with adjustments to suit hat sizes of 6 ½” to 8”. The outer shell is made from extremely tough ABS with a graphite finish and top and rear vented options are available.


  • ABS hardhat
  • Graphite finish
  • Low profile with raised ridge
  • 4-position harness points
  • Swing hinge for neck support
  • Vented pressure pad
  • Replaceable suspension
  • Replaceable sweat band: polyurethane foam covered with padded fabric
  • Top and rear vent option available
  • Shell thickness: 2 – 4.5mm
  • Weight: 347g
  • For use on:
    • Construction
    • Utilities
    • General site work
    • Projects at altitude



Pyramex Ridgeline Graphite Cap Style Hard Hat, 4 Point Ratchet