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Made from select, knot-free, crack-free, hardwood, stock lumber as opposed to variation or recycled scrap wood that is often lower quality and warped.  This mean less wasted inventory and less down time due to breakage in the field.


Perfect for Erosion Control, Surveying, Construction, Garden, Tree and Marking Stakes.


Chisel Pointed Lath

- 2 x 1/2 inch

- 18 to 48 inches long


- 1 x 2 inch

- 6 to 48 inches long


Pencil Pointed

- 2 x 2 inch

- 6 inches to 6 foot long


Contact us if you are needing lath stakes, hub stakes, flats or slope stakes, ginnys, wedges, guard stakes, tree stakes or other specialty stakes.


Stock Available

2" x 2" x 6" Pencil Pointed Hubs (bundles of 25)

2" x 1/2" x 18" Chisel Pointed Lath Stakes (bundles of 50)

2" x 1/2" x 48" Chisel Pointed Lath Stakes (bundles of 50)


Custom sizes are available but may be subject to minimum quantities. Contact us for details if we don't stock what you are looking for. 


Interested in having Ellis Wheeler 'warehouse' a pallet for you? Save money by buying bulk, we'll store a pallet in our climate controlled warehouse and deliver when you are running out. 


Sign up for our 'Stockit' program and we'll come replentish your inventory as needed.

Wood Survey and Construction Stakes

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